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The main goal was to develop an app that creates the same experience as if you are using the website
TheSoul Publishing

About client

TheSoul Publishing company is one of the leading global content providers. Being the leading global media content provider TheSoul Publishing company started with brands that our team in Kazan was lucky to help go mobile initially.

The client was looking to develop multiple mobile apps both for iOS and Android platforms that could be technically supported relatively simply in order to update multiple projects with minimum pain and maximum re-use of code across brands.


In our desire to help the client develop not only mobile apps but also iOS & Android competencies within the company we faced some interesting challenges:

The client was looking to develop apps & gain competency in mobile development.


Within a year we’ve accomplished the following to solve some of the most interesting challenges:


How we did it

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How we did it


Android Architecture Components


As a result of our engagement with TheSoul Publishing, there was a handful of iOS & Android mobile apps published under the client profiles. And while statistics didn’t boom right away especially during the initial testing of new platforms — it helped the company enter new areas of distribution and get access to a whole new audience.

We also helped our partners build support in-house that also allowed them to continue the exposure of the content of the client and increase the scaling rhythm. We were happy to contribute to such impressive momentum at the key era of the company by bringing code, expertise, and also free time for C-level for even more important company goals.

Pavel Radaev, co-founder at TheSoul Publishing
We originally were not delivering content through mobile development and were exploring option of how to enter this new field for us. Thank you for helping us both develop the soft and actually creation of new mobile development traditions within the company that contributed to many new projects as well.

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