Our mission in the project was not only in reliable technical implementation but also in creating a popular solution that will boost the development of public bike rental

About client

GoBike is one of the first bicycle rental applications in Almetyevsk. The customer signs in via Twillio phone verification and pays the deposit. The mobile app gives you fast access to the bicycle by scanning QR-code. GoBike uses a "Smart Bike" lock which can be locked and re-opened in any place using iOS and Android Apps.


During the development we faced several difficulties with setting things up being in different places since the team working on the application was partially in China. The client was in Almetyevsk, the development team in Kazan, and the locks tech support in China.


The key stages of development consisted of

How it works

Gobike provide "Smart Bike" lock which can be locked and re-opened in any place using on iOS and Android Apps.

Sign in via Twillio phone verification, pay the deposit. Unlock the bike using the App. And wait for the lock to unlock. The bike is ready for the ride!

Pull the lever on the lock to complete your ride. The bike will be locked and you will be able to park it afterwards.


How we did it

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How we did it




  • Using flexible Agile SCRUM methodologies, we managed to achieve the most efficient and transparent communication with the client and build the application that meets all the requirements. During the work, we tested the riding mechanism ourselves to have a clear understanding of the user's side of the app. Our team provides technical app support for several years already to make sure everything works correctly so the users can enjoy the great service.
  • Apps are available in the App Store and Google Play.
  • Have a nice ride!

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