Streaming App for Kids

A mobile app that allows parents to manually choose channels to add to the whitelist for their kids to watch
Streaming App for Kids


Originally, our customer's objective was to find a solution that would embed YouTube player to the custom Android application and would let parents manually add channels from which their child gets recommended videos. The children were supposed to get a similar but simplified experience on YouTube that protects them from unwanted content. The existing products were not providing full parental control on the played videos that is why we developed a separate application with an integrated YouTube player.


The main challenge during our work was YouTube API quota limitations of 10,000 units a day. It wouldn't allow us to update the recommended videos in real-time because each search request costs 100 units. That created a problem as the production version was supposed to handle hundreds of channels and thousands of videos.


Our team decided to cash out a certain amount of videos from channels daily when the user first opens the app, which allowed us to replenish the library so the application does not need to use the units in the future. This logic also enabled an increase in the number of daily users without overcomplicating the functionality.


How we did it

How we did it


Shared Flow
Android Architecture Components


The customer received a fully functioning MVP version that met all the original requirements from the term of reference. Our team had also provided further steps and solutions that could be implemented for the production release.

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