Rewards is a system for encouraging and motivating employees. Each company can add bonuses to reward its employees. Employees can thank each other for their good work with the help of points, on which bonuses can be bought later.
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Week to Succeed is a App that helps setting SMART Goals

Week to Succeed is a Goal Setting App that helps setting SMART Goals and tracking progress towards achieving them.

What is a SMART Goal

S — Specific: What do you want to achieve?
M — Measurable: How do you measure the result?
A — Attractive: Are you interested in achieving your goal?
R — Relevant: Does it seem worthwhile?
T — Time-based: What is a time limit for this goal?

How it works


Create a goal for the week


Add subgoals


Track progress and
contribute results


Achieve and celebrate


  • Detailed instructions and examples for formulating SMART goals
  • Establishment of 2 types of goals: quantitative and non-quantitative
  • Adding subgoals: divide a large goal into small steps
  • Smart system for tracking progress using 2 types of diagrams
  • Control of entered result records
  • Tracking statistics for all created user goals
  • Daily notifications that will not let you give up
  • Nice and intuitive user interface

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